How to Repair RCM Loader Not Connecting To PC Error?

If you’re trying to use an RCM (Recovery Mode) loader and it’s not connecting to your PC, it can be incredibly frustrating – especially if you had planned a game night. For gamers, connecting to the RCM software ensures they are able to install custom firmware and payloads on their Nintendo Switch consoles via a compatible USB cable. This method is widely recognized and acclaimed as one of the best ways to optimize the gaming experience. In this article, we will discuss the issue of the RCM loader not connecting to PC.

We won’t be going into detail about running homebrew games here, since that requires a high level of technical knowledge. We’ll be focusing more on the legal approaches to using the RCM loader and ways to troubleshoot any issues with your PC.

What is RCM Loader

RCM Loader is a user-friendly tool that enables you to send payloads or access Lakka on the Nintendo Switch. It’s an easy way to navigate your Switch effortlessly. Most modern devices with USB OTG and USB 3.0 capability do not require root and are compatible with the Switch in RCM mode. Unfortunately, USB 2.0 (EHCI) cannot detect the Switch and cannot deliver the exploit, so this is a limitation that can only be remedied with a custom kernel patch.

RCM Loader login issues or account-related issues

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot if you’re having difficulty signing into your account or if you’re experiencing any other related problems.

  • It appears that the RCM Loader server is not operational at the moment, which could be why you’re having an issue with logging in/creating an account. It would be ideal if you hold up for many minutes and attempt once more.
  • We have noticed that your wifi/mobile data connection is not running properly.
    Please double-verify the accuracy of the login information you are entering.
    If they are, it might be a good idea to look into other possible link problems.

Be careful to verify that the service is still active by visiting its official website before logging into a third-party social network website like Facebook, Twitter, or Google.
Read through any error messages you may have encountered if you discover that your account has been suspended or banned as a result of certain activities on the site.

Why is the RCM loader not connecting to my PC?

Having trouble getting your RCM Loader working on your computer? There may be a few different causes behind this issue. Keep reading to discover what could be causing it and how you can resolve it quickly and effectively.

Wrong Mode:

Make sure to switch your device into RCM mode if you want the system to detect it. Otherwise, the software will not recognize your Switch.

Incompatible USB Cable:

For an optimal gaming experience with your Nintendo Switch, it is essential that you use the right type of USB cable. Not having a compatible one could lead to connection issues.


Firewall software is designed to protect your system from malicious attacks, however, it might sometimes block the connection between your computer and the Switch. In such cases, you should disable the RCM feature of your antivirus program to get back online.

Hardware Issues:

On occasion, the hardware of the Switch may not work as anticipated, leading to a disconnection.
USB Port:

It’s possible for certain USB ports to not work correctly, preventing a connection between the switch and the PC. To get around this issue, make sure you use a quality USB port.

We strongly suggest that you troubleshoot any potential issues related to your RCM Loader connection. Doing so can bring about a resolution to the matter at hand. If the problem still occurs even after troubleshooting, contact the developers of your RCM loader software tool for an effective solution.

Updating the RCMloader

Simply connect the RCMloader dongle to one of the USB connections on your computer to begin using it. It’ll be recognized as an outside drive.

Visit the manufacturer’s official website and obtain the files to get the most recent update. After that, extract them from the root of your dongle. This should create a folder labeled IAP. Now, remove and re-insert your dongle for successful installation of the update.

Before uninstalling any version of RCM Loader software on your PC. It is advisable to take a look if there are any available updates. This is because some developers could have already done the updating for you.

How can I check if I am in RCM mode?

You can do a few things to ensure your Nintendo Switch is in RCM (Recovery state) state.
Search for the terms “RCM” or “Recovery Mode” on the screen when the Nintendo Switch is turned on to see if it is in recovery mode. This is your cue that it has entered that particular mode.

One method to determine whether your Switch is in RCM mode is to connect it to a PC using a USB cable. Your PC should be able to recognize the console as an unknown device if it’s in RCM.
For effective use of the RCM Loader to inject payloads onto your switch, it is essential that the Switch is in RCM Mode. Otherwise, it will not be possible to use the program.

How to Inject Payload Switch Using RCM Loader

To check whether the money has been credited, you can log in to your PayPal account. If the transaction doesn’t show up there, open the app and look at the withdrawal status. If it’s successful but doesn’t reflect in your PayPal or bank account. Reach out to their support team for assistance with resolving the issue.

How to Inject Payload Switch Using RCM Loader

To access RCM mode on your Nintendo Switch device, you need to simultaneously press and hold the Volume and Power buttons while it is turned off. Additionally, a USB cord compatible with the Switch must be connected to your PC for communication.

If you plan to send payloads to your Nintendo Switch, you could decide between Hekate, TegraRcmGUI, and ReiNX Toolkit as the payload software tool. Ensure all the elements are in place before proceeding with an injection of the payload.

First, choose the payload you want to send to the Switch. It can be either your own firmware or a homebrew App. Once you’ve decided, click the “Send” button on the tool to transfer your desired payload to the Switch. To make sure the payload was successfully injected, you must check the software. Finally, you must unplug the Switch from your computer system before turning it on.


Don’t worry if your RCM Loader Software isn’t working right away with your PC system.
Why not investigate the root causes yourself and see if you can resolve them if you have found the perfect fit?

Don’t worry if this doesn’t work out. You always have the option to reach out to the creators of your RCM loader using their website or social media accounts for assistance. RCM loaders have the potential to stay connected to PCs for a long time, and they can help you figure out why it isn’t connecting now. We hope after reading this article, your issue with RCM Loader Not Connecting To PC is successfully resolved. If you are interested in similar topics please visit again our website.

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